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Waymore Power Company a Provider for all your Alco Needs – Quality Parts and Service at the Lowest Cost in the Industry. With an opportunity, we will prove to be the solution to minimizing your maintenance costs.

Powerway employed me for 18 years as Field Service and Sales Representative. Powerway was an Authorized Distributor for the FM/Alco. I have extensive experience with many Factory changes and parts Failures and the corrective actions taken.

Powerway was purchased and liquidated in 2000 by Marine Systems Inc.

With encouragement from ex-Powerway customers and employee's. Waymore Power Company was started and has provided quality service and parts to dedicated customers.

With extensive field service and knowledge of the Alco Diesel Engine as well as Vendors who supplied the factory. Waymore Power Co. can provide quality parts and service at a much lower cost by buying direct without the mark up needed by other distributors and the factory.

Most Waymore Power Co. Employees worked for Powerway as Alco Factory Trained Techs. These Techs passed up employment opportunities offered by Marine Systems Inc. Even our newest Techs have years experience in component rebuild and Alco Overhauls. The Waymore Power Service Team has at least 15 Years Experience. We carry Marine and General Liability Insurance coverage needed to provided any Services on Land or Water.

Waymore Power stocks, unit exchanges and repair and return quality-rebuilt components as well as supply New Parts. Along with a large core pool, we can further minimize bottom line overhaul costs. We try to keep at least enough stock to overhaul 2 (18) cylinder Alco’s. We give a 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor.

In House Rebuild

Rebuilt Premium Cylinder Heads or New Cylinder Heads

Rebuilt Jacket Water and Saltwater Pumps - Standard and Reverse Rotation

Rebuilt Lube Oil Pumps - Standard and Reverse Rotation

Rebuilt Turbochargers

Rebuilt Connecting Rods, Pistons, or New

Rebuilt Camshafts

Rebuilt Fuel Pump Supports or Needed New Components

Rebuilt After coolers

New Main and Rod Bearings

New Cam Bearings

New Upper and Lower Liner Sleeves – Standard or Oversized

New or Rebuilt Relief and Regulating Valves

18 Cylinder Alco From The Deep

Restoration Of The 18 Cyl. Alco From The Deep

16 Cylinder Alco Replacement

On Site Service or Rebuild

Waymore Power Co. has conducted numerous major overhauls and crankshaft replacements since inception. We have also provided Professionally Rebuilt Alco Engines, including Short and Long Blocks. We are well versed in all Alco Repair Practices and Proven Procedures with an Excellent Reputation for Quality Service.

Waymore Power Co. hopes for the opportunity to assist in all your Alco Needs, We are Confident we can minimize your maintenance and labor costs.

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Phone: (618) 729-2104

Fax: (618) 729-2100